Transsexual process

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Show less Physically transitioning from male to female is a unique, individual, but hard process. There is no right or wrong way to physically transition.

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Editorial Board. Contents Historic Paper s. Peter Ringo S.

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Select PDF you would like to download from the options in the table below:. The SOC are based on the best available science and expert professional consensus. The overall goal of the SOC is to provide clinical guidance for health professionals to assist transsexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming people with safe and effective pathways to achieving lasting personal comfort with their gendered selves, in order to maximize their overall health, psychological well-being, and self-fulfillment.

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They seek to develop the physical characteristics of the desired gender, and should undergo an effective and safe treatment regimen. The goal of treatment is to rehabilitate the individual as a member of society in the gender he or she identifies with. Sex reassignment procedures necessary for the treatment of transsexual patients are allowed in our country, at Medical Services that have a multidisciplinary team composed of a psychologist, a social worker, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist and surgeons gynecologists, plastic surgeons, and urologists.

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For additional resources on how to fairly and accurately report on transgender people, please see " In Focus: Covering the Transgender Community " and visit glaad. Transgender women are not cross-dressers or drag queens. Drag queens are men, typically gay men, who dress like women for the purpose of entertainment.

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The right to health care for transsexual people in Cuba. Corresponding author: aroqueg infomed. Gender identity is a sociocultural construct based in nearly every society on a binary norm: female and male.

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The indication for surgery is chronic discomfort caused by discord with the patient's natural gender, intense dislike of developing secondary sex characteristics and the onset of puberty. The surgical conversion of transsexuals is the main step in the complex care of these problematic patients 1. This surgery was first described by Benjamin H, using a flap of inverted penile skin 2 and is considered the gold standard since then.

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A new study analyses the characteristics of this collective as well as the psychological adjustment they must undergo during the process. Of the sample studied, Sticking to the general definition, transsexuality is the attainment, by an individual, of the physical characteristics of the opposite sex by means of surgery or hormone therapy.

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Circumstances when being treated differently due to gender reassignment is lawful. The preferred umbrella term is trans. However, the advice and guidance on this page applies to current law and therefore uses the terms referred to in the Equality Act

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Gender identity is a person's internal, personal sense of being a man or a woman or boy or girl. For some people, their gender identity does not fit neatly into those two choices. For transgender people, the sex they were assigned at birth and their own internal gender identity do not match.


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