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I honed my poker skills in these poker sites before I decided to go pro. But not a lot of people know that my career in poker started 15 years ago with strip poker. Read on and find out my strip poker story.

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You girls are the BEST kids! Sara, you need to invite Katy to spend the night more often! I stood with my middle-school-best-friend in a room filled with the smell of strong Pine sol and success — and a big smile on my face.

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One particular night we had been dealing with problems from the moment we walked in, so more than 10 hours later, as soon as we could escape, we hit the door running. A local Mexican food place stayed open all night and served various flavors of Margaritas until 2 a. We dragged them together and set up shop in the open air.

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Got any good strip poker stories? Maybe heard an interesting story from a friend? Please share by submitting your story below.

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Nan was getting older and she was starting to forget what it was like to be young. Although Mike came to see her at least three times a week, he noticed her slow degeneration. He would play card and board games with her just to keep her mind active. One day she

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Legend, icon, hero — all these are terms used way too often and too easily today. And he played the most famous, 5-month long heads-up match ever played. What do you want to do?

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When I got out of the Army, I went out on a high, so to speak. As a member of a Special Forces team, I enjoyed not only the duty itself--always in the thick of it, behind enemy lines, flying to this hot spot or that revolution--but I was proud of myself. I did my duty, served my country, maybe saved a few lives by taking out a few terrorists.