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This week I was browsing through the collective section of iFunny. Furthermore, I know this seems like an odd place to find an archaeological related post, but I looked it up online after and found multiple articles and such also comparing them. First and foremost, the post states how Jesus was roughly 2, years ago, right when BC ended, and Horus was roughly 5, years ago, so about BC.

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Horus is the name of a sky god in ancient Egyptian mythology which designates primarily two deities: Horus the Elder or Horus the Greatthe last born of the first five original gods, and Horus the Younger, the son of Osiris and Isis. According to the historian Jimmy Dunn, "Horus is the most important of the avian deities" who takes on so many forms and is depicted so differently in various inscriptions that "it is nearly impossible to distinguish the 'true' Horus. Horus is mostly a general term for a great number of falcon deities" 2.

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Adonis, Attis, Dionysos, Herakles, Mithra, Osiris, and other deities, were all saviour-gods whose deaths were regarded as sacrifices made on behalf of mankind; and it is to be noticed that in almost every case there is clear evidence that the god sacrificed himself to himself. The most popular legend about Osiris is one of a resurrected god. He was killed by Set, the god of darkness

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I was thinking about writing an article on the German de. The problem I got into is: I found quite some well done and reasonable-sounding claims of this, but when I tried to search for real evidence I didn't get far. These points are repeated wherever I tried to find real evidence. If they are true … well, that would be devastating for Christianity.

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Kwame Nantambu Posted: April 05, Updated: March 21, As Trinbagonians celebrate the Christian religious event of Easter, it is apropos to disseminate the truth that surrounds the birth of Jesus. Now, on the walls of the Temple of Dendera in ancient Kemet Egyptthere are four scenes dated B. In the B.

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Everyday there are thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands if not millions of people trying to disprove the Bible and mystify the story of Jesus to where they will try to connect him to some other god of another culture such as the Egyptians. But are these stories, myths, and comparisons true or is it just some pseudo scholarship gone viral?! I will go point by point down this list and respond to every claim made.

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Included in these virgin mothers are several in the ancient Indian text the Mahabharata. In consideration of these facts, it would be astounding for one of the most popular goddesses of the Roman Empire and all time not to be classified in this parthenos category. As it turns out, we would be completely wrong and utterly unscholarly to assert that Isis was not a virgin, as so many have been doing around the internet and elsewhere.

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Jesus Christ is not the only god supposedly born of a virgin on December 25th. So too was Horus of Egypt. In my book Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled appears a discussion of the Egyptian solar deity Horus, who was said to have been born of a virgin on "December 25th" or the winter solstice. Whatever we make of the original myth…Isis seems to have been originally a virgin or, perhaps, sexless goddess, and in the later period of Egyptian religion she was again considered a virgin goddess, demanding very strict abstinence from her devotees.

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Christmas, in the religious sense at least, centers on one basic tenet of Christian belief: that Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born to a virgin mother. But stories of miraculous conception aren't unique to Christianity. Unconventional births can be found far outside the manger in mythologies and religious traditions from ancient Egypt to the Aztec empire; they've even become part of Civil War lore.

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What if I told you there was once an ancient religion whose God was conceived by a virgin named Meri and had a stepfather named Seb Joseph? What if I told you this God was born in a cave and his birth was announced by an angel, heralded by a star and attended by shepherds? He attended a special rite of passage at the age of twelve although the ancient texts describing this God are silent about His life from the age of 12 to At 30 years of age, this God was baptized in a river His baptizer was later beheaded.


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