Asian set tea

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Enjoy your favorite selection of teas with our charming Asian tea sets. Set up your table under the shade of a flowering tree on a warm day, enjoy good conversation, and invite your friends to drink from your own porcelain Chinese tea set, antique Asian tea set, or traditional matcha tea set. We guarantee they won't soon forget it!

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We are professional on selling many different kinds of teas, black tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu erh tea, gongfu tea etc. We cooperate with the tea farm family, delivery the freshest Chinese tea for you quickly. You would cost the lowest price getting your tea in the most valuable.

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Beautifully crafted teaware from China and Japan. Pottery was invented in China thousands of years ago and its secrets spread throughout the world. China continues its tradition while adding some modern designs.

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Everything you see on our online store and in our shop has been sourced, tasted, tested and shipped direct back to the UK by us. Wide variety of delicious pure tea, straight from China. The owner is very knowledgeable and very kind.

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We're sorry, but Freepik doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Support Contact. Top view of variety of herbs; spoon; tea strainer; dry tea leaves arranged on white background.

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Available in various styles to suite all occasions and tastes, including the 7 piece traditional Chinese imperial blue art symbolising prosperity with double layer cups often used in Chinese wedding tea ceremonies. The clay used is of premium quality and carefully selected. The products have been developed to facilitate the passion for tea so embedded in Chinese culture.

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Initial Preparation Collect clean teapot, tea boat, tea pitcher, teacups, and loose tea. Boil water in a small kettle to the appropriate temperature. Optional equipage: saucers, smelling cups, tea tray, tea funnel, tea utensils, and waste water container.

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Chinese people attach great importance to what kind of tea set they use. They believed that the tea set affects the flavor and experience of the tea, and different materials have their unique usages. Here are the 7 most common tea set types in China.

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Chinese tea to most people is that common, slightly bitter beverage that is served at Chinese wedding dinners and restaurants. Few have experienced the ambience and the highly therapeutic effects of the traditional art of Chinese tea making in an authentic Chinese teahouse. In fact, avid Chinese tea drinkers are known to pursue the perfect tea leaf as fervently as connoisseurs of fine wines.

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Almost every business decision starts with a cup of tea here in China. Tea is a very important part of the Chinese culture and Chinese people drink it anytime and anywhere. Every restaurant will serve tea, almost every Chinese household owes a tea set, a small one or a huge tea table.


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