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Deadspin has a video that features voicemail and online messages allegedly from married former NY Jets quarterback Brett Favre, 40, to a now 26 year-old female then-employee of his team, Jenn Sterger, that were sent in According to the story on Deadspin, Sterger received myspace and voicemail messages from someone sounding exactly like Favre that she assumed was him. Why do men think this works?

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She did Maxim shoots. Playboy shoots. Then, inMs.

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Alleged naked pictures of legendary quarterback Brett Favre have surfaced on Deadspin. The photos are said to have been sent to year-old model Jenn Sterger, who worked for the New York Jets when she says Favre sent her cell phone pictures of his penis. Favre played for the Jets at the time of the alleged incident.

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In the video here parts of which are NSFW due to penis photos at the markyou'll see and hear all the strange messages Jenn Sterger received from someone she was led to believe was Brett Favre. This is the evidence she told us about last February. Sadly, Jenn is still reluctant to talk on the record about the matter.

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Over the summer, Deadspin editor A. Daulerio claimed that football enthusiast Brett Favre sent a series of creepy phone and text messages to model and former Jets in-house sideline reporter Jenn Sterger, including NSFW ones of his penis. But Sterger refused to talk about it on the record, so the allegations were never proven, and Daulerio was given a lot of flack for his post.

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InMs. Sterger joined the Jets as an in-house sideline reporter where she eventually met Favre. It was his dick.

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Green Bay Packers players keep getting injured… shit, there goes another one. Thursday, Deadspin released voicemail messages from Favre to Stergeras well as the photos of old Favre Jr. Anyway, it gets even better.

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Sterger has yet to officially go on record with the allegations herself, not wanting the unsavory media attention this story will be sure to bring. Like this post! So what all does the site have? It is from that cell phone number that Sterger later received the voice messages and penis pictures.

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There comes a time in every great unsubstantiated sext messaging controversy when the pursuit of truth falls to the wayside, and the buxom, corset-wearing vultures swoop in for a piece of the media pie. And we're ok with that, because every time another person alleges to have seen grandfather Brett Favre's naked penis in a picture message, a Green Bay Packers fan gets their wings. Today, occasional Jersey Shore blogger Allison Torres told Steppin' Out magazine that she also saw the alleged text messages Favre sent former Jets in-house reporter Jenn Sterger: " I actually saw it when he sent it.

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In a somewhat depressing interview with Good Morning AmericaJenn Sterger was forced to reiterate that she did not ask for and was not flattered by pictures of Brett Favre's dick. Sterger has always maintained that she never wanted Favre's voicemails and dick pics to become public, and she emphasizes this again in her most recent interview. Even though Favre was the one who allegedly sent someone unsolicited pictures of his genitals, Sterger has to spend pretty much the whole segment proving she didn't do anything wrong. After stating that she was intimidated, not excited, by the football star's advances, she has to answer questions about whether she gave Favre any "encouragement" — when, as she repeatedly says, she never actually met the guy.


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