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Electric Heating Elements installed on all four walls guarantee good temperature uniformity in Bottom Loading and Drop Bottom Furnaces and are commonly delivered with integrated cooling or quenching stations. These industrial furnaces can be electrically heated or fuel gas fired. Bottom loading furnaces are ideal to achieve a variety of heating-cooling cycles without sacrificing temperature uniformity or product quality.

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Car Bottom Furnaces are the workhorse of the thermal processing industry. This versatile design allows maximum flexibility for work space and load size. Car Bottom Furnaces are used for multiple thermal processes such as stress relieving, quenching, normalizing and aging of various materials with burner configurations to meet temperature uniformity requirements.

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A Car Bottom Furnace is one of the most versatile of all the industrial furnaces and is one of the most widely used unit types. Our customers use these furnaces for a variety of processes in their facilities including heat treating applications such as post welding, stress relieving and annealing. Sales for Car Bottom Furnace models are on the rise as many of our customers are bringing their heat treating in-house.

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Drop-bottom furnaces are used for solution annealing and subsequent rapid quenching of aluminum alloys. In particular, with thin-walled aluminum components quench delay times of just 5 seconds from when the door begins to open until complete immersion in the quench tank are required. Generally, these requirements can be met only with this furnace design. The drop-bottom furnace stands on a base so that a quench tank can be positioned directly below the furnace.

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You can change your cookie settings at any time. Get ready for Brexit. End of waste criteria for the production of PFA and FBA for use in bound and grout applications in specified construction and manufacturing uses.

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Wisconsin Oven manufactures Drop Bottom Furnaces, Quench Tanks, Aluminum Age Ovens, Horizontal Quench Furnaces and related equipment for solution treatment of aluminum extrusions, sheet metal, castings, and other parts. They utilize many innovative design features to reduce maintenance and increase performance and efficiency such as:. Our drop bottom furnaces are fully adjusted and factory tested prior to shipment.

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Electrotherm supplies electrical Drop Bottom furnaces which are intended for solution heat treatment of Aluminum parts. Those furnaces integrate solution heat treatment and quenching into one controllable operation. There are manufactured in various sizes according to the customer requirements.

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Thanks for printing! Don't forget to come back to Consolidated Engineering Company for fresh articles! Worldwide the largest aircraft and transportation alloy components are heat treated in CEC Drop Bottom Solutionizing furnaces. For rapid and uniform convective heating our fan and duct configurations guarantee close temperature uniformity throughout the load chamber and parts.

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Carbolite Gero BLF 16 furnace consists of an electric hearth, that loads up into the chamber situated above. This makes it easy for loading fragile or heavy samples into the chamber. The hearth travel allows the full height of the chamber to be utilised.

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The non-airborne combustion residue from burning pulverized coal in a boiler; the material which falls to the bottom of the boiler and is removed mechanically; a concentration of non-combustible materials, which may include toxics. Bottom ash refers to the non-combustible constituents of coal with traces of combustibles embedded in forming clinkers and sticking to hot side walls of a furnace during the furnace working. The clinkers fall by themselves into the water or sometimes by poking manually, and get cooled. From there it is pumped out by suitable rotary pumps to dumping yard far away.


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