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The purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow by keeping blood in the penis. Why would men want to do this, and why would women want their man to wear one? A cock ring allows a man to be harder and to stay hard longer.

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I am sure you were put on the sport over the recent incident in Penang where a man had to endure pain for 12 hours after he got his penis stuck in a ring. T he Fire and Rescue Department had to be called to remove the ring. I hope Dr G can enlighten my queries.

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Cock rings. Pleasure rings. Penis rings.

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I was recently party to the use of a cock ring for the very first time, imagine that. It was never at the top of my sex toy wish list before, probably because the little I knew about cock rings had to do with the whole constriction of blood flow thing, which, to me, was a little off-putting. But my man willingly succumbed to my curiosity and we went to C-Ring town hand-in-hand.

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Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Cock rings for men are stretchy, universal fitting size that will help you last longer and keep rock-hard erection for much longer, improving the quality of your sex and super charging you with volcanic orgasms! With these screaming o rings, everybody gets to enjoy more pleasure!

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Sex toys are like really yummy ice cream toppings. So not only could a penis ring aid your dude who gets off too fast or has difficulty maintaining an erection, but the little dick necklace can also do wonders for both of your sex lives—especially the ones that have a built-in vibrator for you. It is made from soft and stretchy silicone and comes with nearly 12 pleasure nubs and intense vibrations to maximize the fun.

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You've probably seen penis rings, a. But you probably don't know that the cock ring is basically the superfood of sex toys : It pumps up your performance and enhances your pleasure in many different ways. A small ring that wraps around the base of your penis, a penis ring can not only make your erection bigger and harder, it can also help you last longer during sex and even help your partner reach that big O.

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Usually the focus of the Facebook shaming is a teeny diamond on an engagement ring or an unsuitable choice of wedding venue. And by different, we of course mean a story about someone proposing to their girlfriend by hiding the engagement ring in their penis. He is truly a blessing in my life.

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Cock rings are a super-fun toy and great for anyone with a penis—but they also come with some serious stigma despite how great they are. The purpose of a cock ring is to prevent the backflow of the blood, which keeps the penis hard for longer than it otherwise would, says Laurie MintzPh. During an erection, the blood stays in the erectile tissue until the man ejaculates, and the blood flows freely again.

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Cock rings are one of the best sex toys out there for men. It can also help with those that struggle to maintain erections or those that have premature ejaculation. This article is everything a novice needs.


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