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It puts a vice-grip on your soul and slowly pulverises it into a fine sandy mist. Not to mention, you barely get weekends or public holidays off and are generally interrogated when you try. Methods and ways to deal with people, all the while simultaneously providing an excellent public display of how not to act towards others.

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Well, I was wrong. These were actually all-new pliers. Most importantly, the new pliers are made in Taiwan.

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This is the best thing that has happened to me this week! I love it so much!! Thank you!

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They obviously hate the listening public; why else would they subject us to such absolute crap? Pre-law students, hear me out: this is a reputation-making case. The case starts before the album even enters your CD player-the cover art, a screaming Durst washed in a deep, Hulk-out green, gives you every indication that the album will be chock full of insipid emotional rage-rock meandering, thrashing, and breaking stuff until it eventually tires and goes to sleep.

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InI was the star of a sitcom. It came and went pretty fast. But in the months from when I was cast in the sitcom through when it was done airing, my life did change remarkably.

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Trust me. Summertime is a perfect time to turn up the heat on the brat. Because the brat is a big fan of your vices.

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A single working mother with three kids juggling her hats while getting ready for work and her kids off to school? A stressed-out Fortune executive with declining sales and overseas clients complaining of delivery deadlines missed? He finds himself pulling into his driveway.

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ZERO room for advancement. Everyone is really just looking out for themselves and volleying responsibility. Hard and great work goes unnoticed.

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View Full Version : Vice Grips. Can anyone speak on the quality of the Vice Grips that are being manufactured offshore against the older ones that were made in Nebraska? Not even close to the quality of the U.


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