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After failing David's oral English course the previous year, Liu Hong had reenrolled, hoping to pass it this year. Unfortunately, things were not looking promising so far, and she was frustrated. When David asked why she was so unhappy in his class, she said: "I am an introverted, analytic and reflective student.

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ACT offers well tailored teacher training courses for aspiring as well as active teachers planning to step into the world of early childhood education. Asian College of Teachers ACT is the leading teachers training institution in Asia dedicated to producing future global educators who will not only be equipped with contemporary teaching techniques but will show a deeper understanding of teaching methodologies which they can put into practice in diverse classrooms across the globe. Aspiring and existing teachers can join any of our courses delivered in all our branches in India and abroad.

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Spreading from India to Central and Southeast AsiaChinaKorea, and JapanBuddhism has played a central role in the spiritual, cultural, and social life of Asiaand, beginning in the 20th century, it spread to the West. Ancient Buddhist scripture and doctrine developed in several closely related literary languages of ancient India, especially in Pali and Sanskrit. In this article Pali and Sanskrit words that have gained currency in English are treated as English words and are rendered in the form in which they appear in English-language dictionaries.

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Daoism's popularity grew quickly from CE, during which time more rituals and practices emerged. During this period, Daoism faced competition from the growing spread of Buddhism which came to China via traders and missionaries from India. Unlike Buddhists, Daoists do not believe that life is suffering.

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By John Bentley. Here are the top 5 countries with the highest salaries for teaching English abroad:. That said, there are thousands of opportunities around the world for TEFL certified English teachers teaching English abroad that do pay well and offer exceptional benefits.

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I recently had occasion to reflect on the construction of the image and legacy of Confucius while talking with Dr. If you are in NYC, I encourage you to pay a visit. There is an enduring significance of Confucianism in East Asian culture, and its intersections with Daoism and Buddhism, collectively known as the "three teachings" of Chinese tradition.

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Overview: The Eurasian trade routes known as the Silk Roads encompassed a diversity of cultures embracing numerous religions and worldviews from Venice, Italy to Heian, Japan. During the height of the Silk Road trades in the 7th century, Islam, Buddhism, and Nestorian Christianity were the most important. This activity asks students to reflect on similarities and differences between belief systems.

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This course isn't running right now. We can email you when it starts again, or check out these other courses you might like. Get an introduction to Asian maths teaching methods for primary education, with this course from Macmillan Education and University of Southampton.

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How often have you traveled to a foreign country and found yourself baffled by all the new, and seemingly alien, customs and traditions? Well, this article aims to uncover some of those mysteries and shed light on Asian culture. Different ideologies, philosophies and religions have shaped the cultures in Asian countries for thousands of years.

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In Japan, Confucianism stands, along with Buddhism, as a major religio-philosophical teaching introduced from the larger Asian cultural arena at the dawn of civilization in Japanese history, roughly the mid-sixth century. Unlike Buddhism which ultimately hailed from India, Confucianism was first and foremost a distinctly Chinese teaching. It spread, however, from Han dynasty China, into Korea, and then later entered Japan via, for the most part, the Korean peninsula. In significant respects, then, Confucianism is the intellectual force defining much of the East Asian identity of Japan, especially in relation to philosophical thought and practice.


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