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A simile compares two things that share a common feature. The words "as" and "like" are used to compare the two things. Metaphors can make your words come to life.

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This page contains metaphor examples. I have separated the metaphors on this page into two lists. The first list contains metaphors that are easier to comprehend and identify.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Fulfillment at Any Age. If you were given a chance to choose your favorite life metaphor, what would it be? Do you agree with Forrest Gump's mother that life is "a box of chocolates" because "you never know what you're going to get"?

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A creative metaphor is an original comparison that calls attention to itself as a figure of speech. American philosopher Richard Rorty characterized the creative metaphor as a challenge to established schemes and conventional perceptions: "A metaphor is, so to speak, a voice from outside logical space. It is a call to change one's language and one's life, rather than a proposal about how to systematize them" "Metaphor as the Growing Point of Language,"

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If you spend time around young children, you know they are full of questions. Why is the sky blue? How many clouds are there?

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Indeed, children have a penchant for disarming clarity and experience reality in ways profoundly different from adultsin the process illuminating the workings of our own minds. Yet metaphor is much, much more than this. Metaphor is not just confined to art and literature but is at work in all fields of human endeavor, from economics and advertising, to politics and business, to science and psychology.

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Metaphors aren't merely the candy sprinkles on the doughnut of languagenot just embellishments to the music of poetry and prose. Metaphors are ways of thinking—and also ways of shaping the thoughts of others. All people, every day, speak and write, and think in metaphors. In fact, it's hard to imagine how people would get by without them.

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What is a metaphor? Simply put, a metaphor is a figure of speech containing an implied comparison. With metaphors, words or phrases that are ordinarily applied to one thing are applied to something you wouldn't necessarily pair it with.

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Recent research into difficulties in figurative language in children with ASD highlighted that it is possible to devise training interventions to overcome these difficulties by teaching specific strategies. This study describes how children with ASD can improve their capability to explain metaphors with a treatment. Two tests of metaphor comprehension were used, one based on sensory and the other on physico-psychological metaphors.


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