Gay parenting books

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Click the flag Meet our special U. The practice of adoption has changed dramatically over the past half century, with profound implications for children and families. Perhaps the most remarkable and controversial transformation during this time has been the growing willingness of adoption professionals to place children with sexual-minority individuals and couples.

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I especially liked the one titled A Family is a Family is a Family that talks about children who tell a teacher what makes their family special and hearing about all different kinds of families — one child is raised by a grandmother, one has two dads, one has a lot of step-siblings, and another has a new baby. There is even a book that delves into the topic of a child conceived through sperm donation called Family Stew. Other topics include gender nonconformity, AIDS and disease, bullying, cross-dressing, tomboys, and homophobia.

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Below we have listed three different types of Gay Parenting Book categories. Click here to buy on Amazon. Mommy, Mama, and Me Click here to buy on Amazon.

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But gay men contemplating fatherhood must overcome a different set of hurdles than others: legal, financial, societal, to name but a few. To help answer some of those questions, I compiled the following list, an admittedly motley collection of printed matter. An evolution has quietly been occurring in the world of parenting. Recent surveys reveal that millions of children have found loving homes either by being born to, or adopted by, gay men.

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By Nick SquiresItaly correspondentRome. Luigi Brugnaro, a centre-Right businessman who was elected mayor earlier this month, had promised during his election campaign to purge nurseries and primary schools of books that extol the joys and challenges of single-sex partnerships and gay adoption. The book, which has proved controversial in countries such as the United States and Singapore, is based on the true story of two male chinstrap penguins who formed a relationship and were given an egg to raise.

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I chose works that each showcase a variety of voices, rather than single-person memoirs, so each one would resonate as widely as possible. I also chose books that focus on the emotional side of parenting rather than medical and legal how-to works, since the latter tend to be specific to particular segments of the LGBT community. I hope these selections, taken together, will help us better understand our collective, yet diverse, experience of being LGBT parents.

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Are you ready to have kids? More and more gay men are turning to adoption and surrogacy to start their own families. An estimated two million American LBGTQ people would like to adopt and an estimated 65, adopted children are living with a gay parent.

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These terrific LGBT children's books depict same-sex parents, without making them the stars of the story. Look on any bookseller's website and you'll find a long list of books about children with same-sex parents. Some attempt to explain how children were conceived or adopted, and others reassure children that having a family that's different is okay. As a gay parent, I'm glad to see this list, but the books I buy my 4-year-old are not about having same-sex parents, or adult relationships, or political correctness.

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Here at Lifelong Adoptions, we wholeheartedly believe that it is our responsibility to provide our adoptive parents with as many resources as possible. In that spirit, our team of experts has put together a list of helpful reading materials for our prospective and current LGBT adoptive parents and their children. This book provides a complete explanation of the many ways gay or lesbian couples can create a family and the legal hoops they must jump through as part of the process.

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National Coming Out Day is this week, and I have found myself recalling when my own child came out a few years back. Sometimes coming out it is a decisive declaration, but for our gender-questioning kid, coming out looked more like a meandering process of discovery. We are so grateful that our child felt safe to share those conversations and realizations with us along the way. At first, we just focused on making sure that our child was loved and accepted, and we tried to listen and to understand.


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