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The Kinsey Institute Collections encompass print materials, film and video, fine art, artifacts, photography, and archives. The Institute has collected publications, objects, art, and data from six continents. Its holding span more than 2, years of human history, and run the gamut of technologies—from ink on paper, to microforms and CD-ROMs.

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There's a lot more to good sex than just Are we the only ones who feel like a lot of people missed out on some very important basics? From kissing technique to hookup etiquette, here are five basics everyone should brush up on.

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Conceived by Alexandre E. In a recent interview, Alexander E. Its aim is to show the most perfect and artistic expression of that beautiful, natural human act.

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If you are in the New York City area, get yourselves to this exhibit before it ends! We have featured a couple of previous Untitled Space exhibits because they have a strong focus on feminist messageshighlighting the work of especially female artists, and are an unapologetic voice of resistance under a hostile Trump administration, which seems to be getting worse and worse for women and minorities every day. Curated by Indira Cesarine, whose own work has been seen in previous exhibits as well as this one, the collection of works include painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, collage, mixed media and video. As soon as we see women setting their own boundaries and identities around sexuality think: Beyonce, Madonna, Lena Dunham, and many more all of a sudden it becomes controversial.

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Portrait of a Cyborg. Changing times in a contemporary dystopia: How does art respond to politics? The Exhibition as Medium.

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Food and sex have a long, complicated history. Supported in part by mythological beliefs and in part by actual science, we have widely accepted that what turns us on could very well start in the kitchen. But did you ever consider that there are also some foods that could slow your sex drive down to a near screeching halt?

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All sex positions 2 3 4 5. Sexual passion between a man and a woman is like fire — if you do not support it and do not refresh it with anything new, it will be fading down together with your relationships in general, as most often sex is their important part. But how can you preserve passion and sexual interest to each other, what to do not to make your sexual life a grey everyday routine?

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Taking as her starting point heterosexual pornography, Tompkins reclaims the medium, taking a genre typically conceived as a vehicle for subverting women, and uses it to create direct, powerful, and empowering works that are distinctly feminist. Appropriating pornographic imagery, Tompkins recasts it through an artistic lens and creates masterfully crafted paintings that assume control of and reframe the subject matter. The centerpiece of the exhibition at Gavlak will be WOMEN Words, Phrases, and Stories an installation of 1, paintings of words that Tompkins received in response to an email request for words that describe women. Tompkins received more than 3, responses to her initial query, with the most common words sent in response being cunt, bitch, slut and mother.

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I think it is supposed to be a woman. Sometimes the titles are as telling as the works. Maybe the phrase was one Rego had heard, or one she invented.

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